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Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the wine industry about environmental issues caused by using heavy bottles and tinfoil capsules. In joining many other wineries, we decided to lighten our bottles and stop using tinfoil capsules. We hope you will support us in this decision.

On the topic of glass…
The weight of glass bottles has become an increasingly hot topic in the wine industry, and now the Province of Ontario has weighed in on the subject by establishing a maximum weight for glass wine bottles effective January 1, 2013. Lightweighting is the increasingly common practice by which beverage suppliers and bottlers, including vintners, reduce materials weights and modify packaging formats to achieve lighter configurations. Lightweighting wine bottles offers many benefits—it reduces costs, significantly lightens cases (which shelf stockers appreciate), and is environmentally friendly. Yet there has been reluctance by many vintners to switch to lighter bottles, which is due at least in part to the perception that consumers equate lighter bottles with lower quality. Some producers have voluntarily lightweighted their bottles in an effort to “go green.” Beginning in 2013, however, this voluntary movement will become mandatory for vintners who wish to sell their wines in the Province of Ontario.

On the topic of tinfoil capsules…

GreenFeet states that two pounds of aluminum is used to create about 300 feet of foil. Americans are effectively throwing away 465 million feet of foil every year. Even though Americans recycle 65-70% of the aluminum used in their household (mostly cans), we still dispose of enough aluminum (foil, cans, siding, etc.) every three months to rebuild the entire commercial air flee. Now add in everyone else on the planet and you can see that this is a big problem. Foil discarded into the environment can take decades to degrade. The full process, from mining to producing aluminum ingots, has been estimated to be responsible for 1% of the global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global climate change. One percent is a lot for a single industry. These issues led us and many other wineries to reconsider the use of tinfoil capsules and starting this year we are slowly moving away from using this product.

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